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Sleep deprivation (204.6)

Yesterday morning we got a flurry of school delays and other closings and cancellations (no pun intended), so I was awake before 6am and, predictably, didn't manage to fall asleep again. I hadn't thought to go to sleep early because I really hadn't expected much yesterday morning.

This morning, there weren't any school closings or even delays, probably at least partly because a lot of the local districts were already closed today for a Thanksgiving break. I was surprised to wake up to my alarm and not to a crazy-early phone call.

Of course, I'd also woken up a few times during the night thanks to Penny being active. She loves curling up on the backup doggy bed (actually a friend's travel dog bed) in my room for the night, but she does not stay still all night. If she even just gets up to turn around, I notice, because her tags rattle, but at about 3:45 this morning she decided she needed to leave the room for a minute, then came back in and sat next to the bed hoping to be invited up. Figured it would calm her down, and it did, for a bit, but she rearranged herself a couple more times. I don't think it bothers her that walking on me is a problem!

Tonight I'll probably make her sleep in the living room (which means closing my door all the way, and maybe also earplugs) so I can get a good night's sleep.
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