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Thanksgiving with Penny

It worked! I got a very good night's sleep Wednesday night, with earplugs and a closed door. Again, no early-morning call with closings and cancellations on Thursday morning. There wouldn't be school to worry about closing, of course, but even on holidays, we do sometimes get a few events or what have you canceled.

Penny really started to get unhappy or nervous or both as I packed up most of the stuff she recognizes as hers, including the "travel" bed and blanket she sometimes sleeps on in my room, her food and water bowls and a couple of toys, and then her crate and its blanket, and carried them outside. She was a little whiny as I went out the door with stuff and left her inside, and actually pushed at the screen door so it popped open. I think it surprised her, and when I told her to get back in, she listened. Good to know I can't safely leave the front door open with just the screen door! (Actually, since it's just a storm door, not a screen door, that'll never really be an issue.)

When we went outside for our morning walk, she actually tried dragging me to the open garage, because she loves the car! I wasn't surprised that she hopped right in when it was finally time to leave.

Fitting the folded crate in the car had been easy, but it sat at an angle in the back seat, and I couldn't really get it to stand up, which is what I'd been envisioning. I figured Penny would be on the back seat (as usual) with the crate between us, probably with a blanket over it to cushion it in case I needed to stop short. I ended up putting her travel bed and blanket on top of the mostly horizontal folded crate, so she was a little higher than usual in the back seat. She didn't seem to mind. She did stand up and stretch and wander around and lie back down a few times on our four-hour drive, and naughtily climbed in the front seat when I was getting gas, but really, I was very pleased with how she did on the trip. I only took her out of the car once, at the rest area in Roscoe about halfway, and frankly, she can go much longer than four hours if she needs to. Not keeping her cooped up seemed like a good plan, though.

My parents love Penny! They met her a couple of months ago when they were in Ithaca for Homecoming, but only got to see her for a few minutes. Now they've gotten to know her and see how cuddly she is. They've both been petting her and scritching her while watching TV, and their nervousness about her occasionally darting around the house seems to be subsiding.

She did throw up in the middle of the night, waking me at about 3:15, so I did some quick cleanup. My father guessed, and is probably right, that it was just the stress and nervousness of a new environment and new people. She's got enough of her stuff with her (and me with her) that she's not too upset, but I'm sure it's a weird and unsettling situation. I ddi manage to fall asleep again, and at about 8, her tags rattling woke me up to see her standing at the door to the bedroom. I decided to take that as a hint, and we went for a nice walk.

This afternoon featured a nice long walk across the village and back, an hour or so along the aqueduct on the way out, and along Main Street on the way back, then up a road near my parents' house I almost never go on. It turns out it's not ideal for walking, being narrow and windy and having no sidewalks! Nice neighborhood, though.
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