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Could've been worse...

The large seatmate on my first flight of the day could instead have been on my second flight of the day. That flight was preceded by sitting for three and a half hours on the runway at LaGuardia waiting for massive storms to pass. (Not taking off towards the thunderstorms was not a decision anyone aboard cared to second-guess.)

I was actually lucky; I didn't have a seatmate on that second flight, and I was in an exit row, so I had a reasonable amount of elbow room, knee room, and foot room for the five or so hours aboard. Ack... I just realized how long I was on that plane! Yuck!

At least I had time for lunch between flights at LGA. As we were landing the first flight, it looked as though it was going to be really tight. Sitting on that second plane without having had lunch first would have sucked. (Breakfast was a little bag of Chex Morning Mix - thanks, Kim! - around 9am.)

More later about the weekend, which was mostly good, interspersed with some astonishingly crappy. Some quality time with several friends I see 2-3 times a year, and even better, lots of time with friends I see much less often.

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