Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

One way I've been losing weight... (204.6)

Maybe I should've figured it out a long time ago, but a strategy I adopted to save money has also been saving me lots of calories. This fall, I've mostly been buying whole subs instead of half subs when I eat at Louie's Lunch, and saving half for another meal. They're $7.55 including tax instead of $6, so for less than $2 more, I'm getting two meals instead of one.

The MavenTurns out the whole subs are 12 inches, and the "half" subs are 8 inches. So, each time I do this, I've been eating 3/4 of the lunch I was eating previously. As sure as I am that I could finish the whole foot-long sandwich every day without difficulty, I'm sure that a half of it is plenty for me.

I'm also eating more lightly at other meals, and hardly ever eating out means I'm doing a lot less overeating at restaurants, too. Combine that with all the walking Penny and I are doing, and it's a reliable recipe for graduate weight loss.


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