Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Brunchtastic weekend

This was the weekend of brunches. Well, brunch and potlucks. There were two brunches yesterday, but one of them got moved from 11am to 3pm, so I got to go to both.

One highlight of the first brunch was that seity1 was there with the boys! I don't see them nearly often enough, though I get to see them again tomorrow night... I'm babysitting!

This cheesy sausage hash was easy and came out well, and was a big hit at both brunches. We went through about half of it at the first, so I brought it to the second. The couple of mouthfuls left after that made a small breakfast before I left for today's party.

Today's was a Cortland roller derby league party, featuring Secret Santa exchange for the team, and food for all. A little odd that it was at a memorial shop, by which I mean, yes, a store for headstones. It doubles as the owner's home, and we were on that side of the building.

Yesterday's driving got worse and worse over the course of the day, thanks to the snow. I even ended up parking half in a ditch at the second brunch. Past the mailbox the ground looked even, but wasn't. Luckily, Mitch figured a few of us could successfully push the car backward and out of the ditch, and he was right. I could've called Audi Roadside Assistance, but that would've taken forever, given the weather.

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