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Four Months! Today's e-mail to the SPCA... (205.6)

Happy New Year! As I look at Penny curled up next to me on the couch, and scritch the soft fur on the top of her head, it's at the same time hard to believe that four months have gone by since I brought her home from the SPCA, and hard to imagine a time when she wasn't here. Penny is the perfect dog for me in so many ways: friendly and cuddly; lazy enough that she's happy to relax until whatever time I get moving; active enough that she loves bounding through the snow and keeping me walking as it gets cold; and remarkably well-mannered, so she's welcome everywhere we go together. 

Penny is always happy to meet and sniff other dogs when we're out for a walk, and virtually never barks, even when she's barked at from the windows of every other house in the neighborhood. She turned my parents, who've never lived with dogs in their lives, into dog fans and pit bull fans by being a perfect houseguest when we visited over Thanksgiving! Fellow dog owners keep telling me how impressed they are at her even demeanor and impeccable behavior. 

We've kept up the resource guarding training I was shown when I picked Penny up, and she's still good about my interrupting her meals or asking her to drop a toy. Getting her to drop a bone from the Piggery is a bit more of a challenge! She's gone from reluctantly getting in the crate with cajoling and bribery, to going in if I have something in my hand I'm clearly about to give her, to willingly trotting in when I ask her to when I need to leave. (She still often gets a treat after going in the crate.) We're working on coming when I call her, but the world is full of fascinating, fun-smelling, and distracting things, so this is a tough one!

Of course we're still learning about each other and getting used to each other, but Penny seems to like hanging out with me, and I absolutely love being a new dog owner. Thanks for bringing us together!
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