Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lucy was the one I wanted... (209.8)

About fourteen years ago, around Christmas, a black lab showed up at my friends chesther and psyllisa's house in Trumansburg and said clearly, "I live here now." They let her in, and figured out pretty quickly that she was about to have puppies. She knew she needed a warm, safe place to do so, and she couldn't have found a better spot.

Hitting the RoadSomewhere, I think, I must have a picture of the puppies. I visited them a few times, and I wanted one of them. They were all cute, but Lucy was the one who clambered all over me and wouldn't stop licking me. I wasn't really in a position to adopt a dog just then, though, and I knew she went to a good home even if I didn't know the details. This one is Malcolm, Lucy's brother who was adopted by the Mogils, on one of several occasions I got to dogsit. This was on our way to Cortland for one of Eli's birthday parties. Needless to say, he was a big hit! Malcolm's been gone for a few years, and he left a big hole behind.

Tonight after work, when Penny and I were out walking, I started chatting with a nice couple on the path who were happy to meet her. They said they were out walking without their dog, since she can't keep up with them any more, so they only take her out for short walks and then get some exercise themselves.

She's about fourteen, and was born in Trumansburg around Christmas, and her name's Lucy. We're getting together on Sunday so I can say hi to my old friend.

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