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Nice to see you! ...Sorta... (210.6) - Mark's Journal
Nice to see you! ...Sorta... (210.6)
I spent some time on the 1st using Foursquare to mess with friends around the country by "checking in" at a variety of locations at which I was not. I got a few reactions, including one friend who asked what I was doing in Boston after I checked in at the Barking Crab, a seafood restaurant on the harbor. "Sometimes a guy just needs a lobster roll." He said that was a long way to drive for a lobster roll. I'd also checked in at USS Constitution and at Harpoon Brewing Company, and I moved on to the Boston Museum of Science.

Meantime, I checked in at the San Francisco airport, waited a while and checked in at a BART station downtown, then "had lunch" at a spot Cori and I went to a couple of times on my visits. It's a shame I wasn't actually there; I heard that afternoon from an IDG writer who wanted comments from me for a story, and his office is about two blocks away.

And, I checked in at the Detroit airport, at the AirRide shuttle stop, and then at the transit center in Ann Arbor. I was going to check in at the University of Michigan hockey arena next, but the transit center was what my friend Ed noticed. He freaked out and asked what I was doing a few blocks from him, then skimmed my history and discovered the interspersed check-ins in Boston and San Francisco. Otherwise, I'd have had him for more than five seconds!

There were a couple of other cities I was contemplating "showing up" in, and would probably have caught a few more folks who thought I was really nearby, but this was exhausting enough!

Last year's Foursquare prank was much simpler. I Photoshopped a Dinosaur Bar-B-Que sign onto a photo I had of a closed restaurant in Ithaca's west end, and checked in at a "new" Dinosaur location there. (Dinosaur is a chain of outstanding BBQ restaurants in several New York cities... but not in ours.) And, I shared the check-in, with the photo, on Twitter. That one got quite a few folks!
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