Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Anyone want a dog for a few months? (208.4)

A friend is moving to Scotland for a Ph.D. program and needs somewhere for her dog to stay for a few months while she looks for a dog-friendly apartment near St. Andrews. (Any suggestions, Scottish friends? I commented that I used to know someone in Dundee, which would be about perfect, but I don't think I still do.)

Sophie & PennyI'm willing to be her backup plan, but if someone else wants to hang out with a cute and sweet year-old mutt (Australian Shepherd and Rhodesian Ridgeback) starting in a few weeks, say the word! Otherwise, Sophie is likely to end up with Penny and me.

The good news is that the two girls get along well. We hung out with Sophie and her person (and the other dog, Rex, who's already got his vacation plans set) for a good few hours on Saturday, and they did lots of playing. Kaitlin has done a good job teaching Sophie how to behave for the most part, so she's a very good girl.

Please forgive the photo of Penny's butt. There were a few good photos of the two of them, but this is the best photo of Sophie, and she's the most important pup for purposes of this post!

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