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Not so warm (207.8) - Mark's Journal
Not so warm (207.8)
When I went to bed with a large stock pot full of chicken broth on the stove, I turned the burner down to "warm" so it could cook down and get nice and concentrated overnight. Unfortunately, it turns out there's a point on the dial where the little light remains on to say "The stove's on!" but it's no longer actually on. So, I woke up to find a still-full pot of room-temperature chicken stock.

I figured there was a high enough fat content to help slow anything that could have made the broth unsafe at room temperature, so I brought it to a quick boil to kill any bacteria that might have hopped in, and let it cool while I showered, got dressed, and walked Penny. I'd rather have had a smaller volume of heartier broth, but now I have five big jars of perfectly good stock. They're in the refrigerator to cool down, and I'll have to try to remember to move them to the basement freezer tonight. Or make soup.
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