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Worth waking up early for...

I had to be there about two hours before my normal workday begins, but this morning's four-hour course at Cornell's Environmental Health & Safety office on the use of an automated external defibrillator was worth the lost sleep.

In addition to certification on an AED, I'm recertified in CPR... which I was shocked to discover expires in less than three months. (That course felt like just a few months ago... to me as well as Bob, one of my colleagues who was in both classes.)

The AED equipment is being slowly installed around campus, mostly as departments express a willingness to get staff members in each building trained, and to put up the funds for the equipment, installation, and hookups. (When the defibrillator's cabinet is opened, an alarm goes right to the dispatchers who'll send better-equipped help.) CIT, my employer on campus, is one of the first to jump on board; all of us in the class today were CIT staff, spread over four buildings. CIT was also very proactive in getting a bunch of us trained in first aid and CPR, which really impresses me.

The equipment is very simple, and is designed to be available to the public and used by a layperson when needed, but I'm still glad to have the training.

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