Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Very disappointed in poor service from Maguire Cars and Audi Ithaca

[An e-mail to my service rep.]

Zach, I haven't gotten a response to the voicemail I left you on my way to work this morning, so I'm following up with this e-mail. I haven't gotten ANY responses from you since May 28th, when I thought you were trying to reschedule my Audi service appointment when the loaner car you had lined up for me turned out to not be available.

I understand, sometimes things don't go exactly as planned, and a loaner you think will be available doesn't come back when you expect it to. That's fine, sometimes you have to reschedule. I can be flexible because I understand that, and I offered a couple of alternate dates back in late May.

But it's been FIVE WEEKS. You've ignored my attempts to get in touch with you since then. This is not how I expect to be treated as an Audi owner, or as the owner of FOUR Audis in a row from Maguire and Bill Cooke before it. It's not how ANYONE should expect to be treated as a Maguire customer.

Please find a loaner. Please come get my car so it can be properly serviced. Or please come get it and let me out of my lease, because you're refusing to take care of the vehicles you sell and the customers you sell them to.

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