Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Flashback (209.2)

Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery, one of the two big dining halls on north campus within a few minutes' walk of my office (there's a third smaller one), is never open for lunch during the school year, but they do open for lunch in the summer. I don't know if it's "better" than North Star Dining, which is open during the school year, but the fact that it's only open for a couple of months a year for lunch makes it tempting to hit during the summer. I've been there several times in the last few weeks.

One of the things I have to be careful about is eating too much. It's a very good deal for staff and faculty, just $6.50 for lunch when using Cornell's debit account, but my instinct is always to make the most of the all-you-care-to-eat opportunity and try a little of everything. Maybe if I did this more often, rather than less, it would be easier not to try everything on each visit. (I have a funny feeling I've said this here before.)

On one of the visits last week (I think the visit with acappellasinger) it was a zoo, because the 4-H groups had just arrived. Today wasn't quite as crowded, but there were more obviously bunches of kids being shepherded by counselors, and it brought back memories of camp. I vaguely miss being a camp counselor and working with (mostly) cool kids. I sure miss having (comparatively) relaxed summers in the Catskills with a lake and a fleet of kayaks and sailboats at my disposal a ten minute walk away.

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