Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Adventures in Couchsurfing (207.8)

This weekend's couchsurfers are a pair of veterinary grad students, one from Grenada and another from Colorado, in town for a conference at Cornell.


I wrote that sentence over the weekend, while Zach was still here, and now it's Thursday night! I guess it's been a busy few days. Anyway, Zach was fun, though he stumbled into the house at 3am on Friday night after IPD found him sitting on a curb downtown, asked if he needed a cab, and flagged one down for him. Glad he had enough left in him to figure out where to tell the cab to go!

He also is a UAV hobbyist, and on Sunday after brunch we wandered around town with his drone, with a high-def GoPro mounted on it, and got video in a few places. The fountains up at IC and Ithaca Beer were cool spots, but the video from Ithaca Falls is truly stunning.

The second couchsurfer bugged out earlier, since someone staying on campus said they had a spare bed, and that sounded better than sharing a bed here! (She and Zach are just friends, and don't mind sharing a bed, but having your own is always better!)

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