Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I should know better than to trust Evite (209.8)

I hate Evite. I've always hated Evite. It combines all the worst aspects of online calendaring and e-mailed info, especially since much of the time when you get the invitation e-mail, it includes none of the information you need, like when and where the event is, so you have to visit their web site.

Yesterday's party hosted by some work folks started at 2pm, but silly me, I'd let Evite add the event to my calendar so I didn't have to keep checking my e-mail or the Evite web site for details. They must have a time zone problem, because my calendar shows the event starting at 5pm. So, of course, I was more than three hours late to the party. At least it still lasted another couple of hours! But I felt like an idiot, and probably looked like one to my coworkers and higher-ups!

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