Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Penny is staring at me (208.0)

She's lying on the couch next to me, curled up because there's a little less room than usual (I'm a little farther to the right than usual). Her head is draped across my leg, which isn't unusual. What's a little different than the norm is that she's facing me, and she's looking at me.

She keeps glancing around when I don't seem to be looking, and it's fun to watch her eyebrows move. I love dogs with expressive eyebrows. :-)

By now I'd have expected her to drift off to sleep with her eyes closed, but maybe because she's facing me and can see me, she's watching intently.

Last Monday marked a year since I brought her home, and I had a few friends come for a Labor Day picnic to celebrate. A year has gone by so quickly! It seems odd that it's been that long, and yet I can't imagine her not being here.

Have I mentioned Rex? I'm taking care of a friend's dog, smaller and lighter than Penny and not quite as well behaved (but by no means a bad dog) for a few months while she's getting settled into a PhD program in Scotland. Apparently it's a pain to line up apartments before you get there, even more so if you need a place you can have dogs. He joined us in July and will be here until sometime in November, it appears. Here's a good picture of the two of them (Penny on the right) from the latest Facebook album.

And Penny has just tucked her snout next to my leg instead of atop it, and closed her eyes.
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