Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Memories of a long-ago client (209.8)

A press release about a film screening from a local video production company has really brought back fond memories of working with the company's founder, who died several years ago of a heart attack at a WAY-too-young age.

He was one of my favorite clients, because not only did he never blink at my consulting rate, but he always had REALLY REALLY GOOD coffee down there, and he always made a fresh pot when I was coming in because he knew I appreciated it. He came up with excuses to schedule me to come help with something on his Mac right after one of his trips to NYC so he could share the fresh bagels he always brought back with him. And one time I got a call on my cell from him saying "Hey, we just finished a shoot up in Syracuse and we're stopping at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que on the way back. Can I bring you some BBQ ribs?" Not because we had a visit scheduled (we didn't) but just because he knew from some random past conversation that I loved Dinosaur.

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