Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

And then there were four

I'm up to four dogs in the house, but just for the weekend. No, I'm not trying to walk all four at once! Controlling three dogs is challenging enough.

This morning I took Rex and Sofie (the "brother and sister" staying with me while their person is in Scotland) out first, but they complained pitifully when I brought them back and took Penny and Gloria out. How could I leave them alone in the house?!

Turned out it wasn't the walking I needed to worry about. All four of them launched out through the front screen door while I was in the kitchen! I assume Rex was the instigator, since he always gets excited about whatever's going on outside, but had never before discovered that he could let himself out.

By the time I could get sandals on and get outside, really just a few seconds, their barks were receding in the distance. I called all four of them, and then thought to try "Rex! Wanna go for a ride?" He came running, and the other three followed. I got Rex, Sofie, and Gloria hooked to leashes, since I was most worried about them, and while I did so, Penny got distracted as a cat ran by, and took off after it. She didn't come back when I called, so I got the other three in the house (and shut the door!) and walked up the hill she'd vanished up.

I decided to drive around the neighborhood for a few. I got up to the park, then partway up Snyder Hill, since that was the general direction she was heading and I thought she might recognize it as the route to Gloria and Molly's house. (Never mind that Gloria's at our house this weekend.) I kept calling out the windows to see if she'd come running.

No luck, so I came back to the house and started walking along our route. I soon saw her trotting from a neighbor's yard across the street to another neighbor's, from a block away. I called to her, went at an angle rather than straight towards her, and sat down on the corner. She came over, and I got her back on the leash.

We're all now at home, Penny's got some dirt smudges on her face, and I'm drinking a beer!
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