Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Maybe the nap impulse was a sign... (208.8)

Yesterday afternoon, I was tempted to take a nap rather than watch Dallas vs Seattle, and maybe I should've taken it as a sign that I was getting sick! I almost never nap except when I'm not feeling well.

This afternoon, I went home from work after feeling the effects of a nascent cold. Scratchy throat, as well as a bit of stuffiness this morning. Too much going on tomorrow to take a sick day then unless I absolutely have to, so an afternoon nap today is probably a good idea.

Just had some tea and a mug of turkey broth -- I made stock last night after getting sent home from the Canadian Thanksgiving potluck with one of the turkey carcasses! Delicious. Needs veggies and noodles, but a plain mug is nice and restorative.

And, I'm back down to two dogs! Kaitlin's mom couldn't find my cell phone number, and Kaitlin's on a boat for a week, so she (and her husband and other daughter) drove to Ithaca yesterday unannounced! They were lucky and showed up shortly before I headed down the hill for music at Felicia's. No idea what they would've done if they'd gotten here and I wasn't home. Anyway, they took Sofie off to New Hampshire with them. Molly picked up Gloria this morning after getting back from running the Hartford Marathon. (Woo!) So, just Penny and Rex and me for the nap.

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