Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Long line, but it moved fast (209.0)

I've gotten my flu vaccine. My boss suggested we all go over to the vet school this morning for the free flu shot clinic over there, since Gannett isn't doing their annual clinic on our side of campus for another few weeks. She offered to drive, too.

As we were leaving, Phil said his car was right here, so he drove us over, and our boss gave him one of the temporary single-use parking permits where you have to scratch off the date you're using it. "I always get a parking ticket over there," she said.

The line was really long, snaking from the atrium where they were doing the flu shot clinic down the hall and into the next building. I guess it took about twenty minutes to get through the line, and we got to spend a little of that time filling out the form and reading the vaccine info on a clipboard. Getting the shot itself was pretty quick and easy, of course, and relatively painless. Removing the little "dot" bandage later will be much more painful.

We also checked out the cafeteria, which I'm pretty sure has moved since chesther and I used to walk up there for lunch from central campus once in a while. Karen insists it's been where it is for at least a decade, and I guess Chris and I were going there longer ago than that. I'm nearly certain it used to be on the second floor of the vet research tower, instead of on the first floor of Schurman, right? Anyway, we were checking it out because Dining had been one of the bidders to take over last year, and someone else got the bid.

And then we headed out to the car, where of course there was a parking ticket. Phil had forgotten to scratch off the date. Karen's going to appeal it. We'll see how that goes!

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