Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Quiet evening in, I think (209.4)

It's been a busy few days, and I think I deserve a quiet night tonight. Might try to do something interesting foodwise, but then I think I'll be relaxing with the dogs and the TiVo.

Penny always takes it in stride when I close the bedroom door at night; she just curls up on the couch for the night. Though, if she makes it into the bedroom, she does not want to lie down on the dog bed. It probably doesn't help that Rex has been making a beeline for the dog bed and there isn't really room for two of them. (I should work on that.) So, Penny wants to be on my bed. If I tell her to go lie down, she looks grumpy, but she does, for a while. Eventually she ends up on the bed, even if she has to wait until I'm fast asleep to sneak up there. But then she tries to nose her way under the covers. It's adorable, but disruptive. :-)

Rex, on the other hand, has been flipping out if I close him out of the bedroom at night. He's been whimpering and scratching at the door. A few nights ago I stayed firm, but he kept waking me up. Finally, at 5:55am, I decided to let him in. I may need to try again tonight, and put in earplugs so if he's annoyed, at least I can't hear him. I don't want to trap him in his crate all night, since he's so good about getting in there on request and I don't want him to start feeling unhappy about being in there.

I'm actually pretty well rested today, because I overslept! WVBR has been having transmitter issues, or actually connection-to-transmitter issues, so they were broadcasting silence this morning. Once in a while, the soft click of the radio turning on wakes me up anyway, even if it's silent, but not today. I slept almost an hour and a half past my alarm. Got moving quickly and made it to work only about 20 minutes later than I otherwise would've been.
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