Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Puppy trauma (206.8)

Luckily, not my puppy! Kaitlin brought Sofie with her on her trip to Ithaca to hang out for a few days and then take Rex with her, and when they were all out this afternoon, before the planned trip east tomorrow, after a long walk on their leashes, the two dogs bolted out of the car after they'd been taken off leash. Sofie darted across all four lanes of 55mph traffic on Route 13, and got hit by a car trying to come back.

She's not critically injured, but she has multiple pelvic fractures and perhaps a bruised lung. The Cornell vet hospital is keeping her overnight, and after she's more stable, doing surgery on the pelvis, probably tomorrow. She should recover pretty well. She's barely two, so should have a long and goofy life ahead of her.

Poor Kaitlin is stressed, of course! Penny is being very cuddly with her now, which she's better at than Rex is. She'd been planning to head back to her mom's in New Hampshire tomorrow, and I was picking up Carter tomorrow afternoon. She has found another place she could stay, and take Rex, since she'll need to be in town at least another couple of days. I've told her she could stay here longer, and meant it. It would be less traumatic for Rex and for her. But I won't argue too hard. If she heads out to stay with other friends tomorrow, I'll go get Carter, and if not, I'll explain to the SPCA. I'm sure they'll understand, under the circumstances!
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