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Got some tidying done today, though definitely still a long way to go. Off to USS Accord meeting in a little bit, and a friend's wedding at noon tomorrow. There's potential for lots of drama; I'm hoping it will be kept to a minimum. I'm also hoping I will know people there, and that the weather won't suck too much.

Fun lunch and catching up with stregadelsol at CTB Appetizers. A rare treat to hang out with her in person instead of online! Our planned stroll in a gorge or creek seemed like a bad idea considering the on-and-off rain and impending thunderstorms. So, she came here, met Sushi and the snails, and we walked down to the Triphammer Mall.

Happy news about a couple of friends who've booked their flights for Watkins Glen Weekend in less than two months! They're even arriving on the same PIT-ITH flight. It's shaping up to be an excellent gathering of friends from all over.

Tracy hasn't been online at all lately, but I promised to visit her for someone this weekend, so I'll have to try giving her a ring tonight.

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