Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Defrosting the freezer (204.2)

I kinda wish I'd posted yesterday, because my weight, at 202.8, was probably the lowest it's been in a very long time! Back up a little today, but that's OK, I think I'm trending down. Sleeping a lot and eating lightly this weekend probably helped.

I'm taking advantage of the unusual cold snap by putting a bunch of my frozen food out on the back deck, in laundry basket and camping coolers, and defrosting the basement freezer. It's been full of ice for a long time, and that both makes it inefficient and makes it tough to get some of the food out. I know I've got some meat in there I could be cooking and enjoying, and it's encased in ice instead.

There's also a good supply of frozen Stouffer's and Lean Cuisine meals, and I made a point of bringing one of the Stouffer's lasagnas to work for lunch today. I'll try to stop at eating half of it, to maintain the eating-lightly habit. The food options on campus have been very limited since work resumed last Monday, especially here on north campus, where my office is. Nothing open. Central campus has a few things open, but I haven't wanted to walk in the very cold weather. The results included eating one of my cup-o-noodles one day, and hitting the Lincoln Street Diner another day.

I should try to keep a couple of the frozen items at work for occasions like that, especially days when the weather's awful or I don't really have time to go in search of food. I always pick up a few of the Stouffer's when there's a good sale. The lasagna and mac & cheese especially are satisfying and probably not too bad for me.

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