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Carter had a stressful day yesterday! (201.6)

Poor pup had quite a day. He seemed to have settled in very quickly, but I need to remember he's still new to his environment and, I'm sure, feeling that way.

All new SPCA adoptees are entitled to free vet check-ups from an impressively long list of local veterinarians, so I made an appointment for Carter with Cornerstone, the same vet I took Penny to when I first got her, thanks to multiple recommendations. (They are, in fact, awesome, if you're looking for your own new local vet.)

Carter's SweaterHe came to the office with me yesterday morning, so he could meet everyone and so I wouldn't have to run back and forth across town too many times. He was happy and wiggly, but also a little weirded out by the office, especially not having me in view at all times, I'd bet.

I discovered when we got down to the vet early in the afternoon that Carter had thrown up his breakfast in the back of the car. (On the towel I had spread out over the carpet, conveniently!) He could have been reacting to the hilly and twisty route to the vet's office, but it also could have been partly due to stress. I don't think it was anything food-related, since his breakfast was the usual Science Diet. He did have a couple of treats courtesy of a colleague right before we went for the ride, but I can't imagine they're that odd.

The check-up went fine! He's healthy, and even though he's gained nine pounds since his official SPCA intake weigh-in months ago, Dr. Barry thinks he's well muscled and in good shape, not flabby. She doesn't think he needs to lose weight, though she'd be happy if he didn't gain more. (Dr. Shakespeare said something similar about Penny on her visits.) I'm feeding him a little less than the SPCA had been, but he hasn't acted as though he was especially hungry or unsatisfied.

I dropped him off at home after the appointment, and he and Penny both enjoyed their evening walk. I noticed he was shivering a few hours later, though! It wasn't particularly cold in the house; I keep it on the chilly side, but it wasn't chillier than usual, certainly. That's when I remembered that not only did Carter come with a jacket that I've put him in for his walks in extra-cold weather a couple of times, he also had a sweater! See the adorable photo at right. So, Carter got to wear his sweater for the rest of the night, and got extra cuddles, as well.

He was especially wiggly and cuddly this morning! I love how he's excited to see me and wags his tail happily when I wake up, when I get back from the shower, when I finish getting dressed... :-)
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