Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Freezer excavation (201.6)

My basement freezer has been turned off for nearly a week, and there are still big blocks of ice in it! That's a real testament to how well insulated it is, I suppose, since it has been closed the whole time, except as I extract stuff and get it outside. It's also a testament to how badly iced up it was.

Now, I've gotten everything out except for the two very-iced-in shelves, and have left the door open. Before bed, I'm going to see how much of the ice has melted. I really want to try to get stuff back in there tonight and turn it back on, since by mid-morning, it will be above freezing outside. I could probably get away with just bringing in the stuff that's in laundry baskets and the like, and leaving the coolers closed outside.

Tonight's dinner was one of the random things that got freed up from the ice over the last couple of days, and has been in the refrigerator. It was leftover steak and kidney pie from a Robert Burns dinner at the Brae Loch Inn! At least, I assume it was one of theirs, though it could've been from the time I hosted a Burns dinner myself.

Also have a goat leg defrosted that I'm going to roast tomorrow, and I asked on Facebook for recipe ideas. I'm kinda leaning toward the vindaloo idea!

Another random roast that I took out of the freezer the other day unfortunately got left on the kitchen counter overnight. I briefly considered cooking it anyway -- after all, my parents used to defrost meat by leaving it out on the counter, and we hardly ever died from it -- but decided not to take the risk. I'm also a little nervous about how much stuff might have thawed as part of this process, since I'm going to be putting it all back in the freezer. There's certainly too much to cook this week! Should still be safe, but quality might be affected.

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