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2007 - Mark's Journal
[Crossposted from Facebook. As if that's a thing.]

Talking about a friend's travel blog last night made me re-read a bunch of my LiveJournal posts from travels to Israel in 2010 and France in 2007, and I've just kept clicking "next" to continue reading posts throughout 2007. Reading about the ill-fated trip to Denver bit by bit, as we lived it, was actually kinda fun.

It's interesting trying to remember who some of the LiveJournal users were who regularly commented on my posts back then. Some of them haven't posted in years but I still keep in touch with on Facebook or in other ways. Others? No clue why I "knew" them, who they were, or where they went.

Also fun trying to figure out who I was talking about in a few posts. Who's the "Mike" I went with to wing night at the Crooked Board, and rode with to Shore Leave? Who are the "Cohen triplets" I had breakfast with at the Sunset Grill? Might be JC and two other people, but...

Oh, and summer 2007 may be the last time I was just a hair over 200 pounds. Lots of good food today no doubt won't help, but I feel like I'm so close to ducking back under 200 pounds.
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