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What if I don't want to go? (204.6)

US Airways is alerting customers of its Dividend Miles Visa Card that it's replacing all of them with Dividend Miles MasterCards. Everyone with an existing Bank of America Visa account is getting new MasterCard accounts with Barclays Bank.

I have nothing against Barclays or the US Airways MasterCard in particular. In fact, I have a US Airways MasterCard already, in addition to the Visa. It's a little silly that I will soon have two identical cards with two separate account numbers with the same financial institution, but it's not the end of the world. It's also not new; I also have two Chase Visa cards, one an Amazon card to enjoy the various benefits of having that, and the other a "Chase Freedom" card that replaced my old USA Hockey card that used to make a donation to Team USA every time I used it.

What's really bothering me is that the Bank of America Visa is one of my oldest accounts anywhere. It predates my CFCU (local credit union) account, and all of my other credit cards with the sole exception of my Discover. (That one has a "member since" stamped on the card matching the year I graduated from college. Cool!)

Another factor is that I've had a Visa Signature card, which has some cool warranty extension benefits for items you buy with the card. I'm not sure if the Barclays MasterCard offers that, because I've never had to think about it. Guess I'll do a little digging!

I tried telling Bank of America that, regardless of what US Airways had decided to do with their customers, I'd like to remain a Bank of America customer. Best they can do is tell me that I am welcome to apply for any of their cards after exploring their web site to see which one appeals to me. My credit is already in lousy shape, so that doesn't appeal to me. I was kind of hoping I could find someone there who would say "Hey, you have been a customer for a very long time, and we would be happy to just issue you a new card and keep you on board." Their script is more geared to a flat "US Airways is moving all its customers to another vendor, and you are welcome to apply separately for one of our cards."

Yup, I just asked Bank of America, and I've been a BofA customer since September 2004. So, more than a decade, and their position is that I am not their customer. Pfft.

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