Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Sick days (203.0)

I don't take a lot of sick days. I was pretty sure I had over seventy sick days accrued, but it was over sixty -- because I donated ten recently for one of the occasional "catastrophic leave donation requests" that comes around.

Make that just under sixty now, since I was out yesterday and today. I was feeling chills on Monday afternoon, and eventually realized that it was warm in our office, and I was the only one who felt cold. I went home a little early, and spent the evening barely able to focus on watching TV. Yesterday I felt like absolute crap, and really shortchanged the dogs on our walks. Curling up with them has been therapeutic, though.

Feeling way better today! I made it down to visit the friends who have been bringing scrapple up from Pennsylvania for me. They've sold their house and won't be in Ithaca much any more, so I picked up the scrapple, chatted with them for a bit, and also got a nice plastic drawer organizer that should be good for doggie stuff.

We talked a bit about local restaurants. They wondered what was the best Thai in town currently, and I said it was probably Taste of Thai Express. They had been fond of Thai Cuisine, which closed last year, and agreed with my assessment that Taste of Thai Express wasn't as fancy, and the food wasn't quite as interesting, but it was more affordable and "good enough."

I had mentioned Gola Osteria to them last week, and Jonathan explained that he won't go there -- because in that building's past life as a hospital, he had had the paper route there, and had been hospitalized there multiple times! I guess I can see that being a drawback. :-)

I decided to head from there to Sunset Grill for lunch, but ended up detouring when I got a text from a friend asking me to pick her up from the doctor in exchange for some Chipotle. Fair enough!

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