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199.6! (199.6)

I don't have time for a lot of writing this afternoon, since I'm heading to Hamilton in a little bit for the women's hockey game, but I wanted to take a moment to mark this milestone. I'm under 200 pounds! It's the first time in a long time.

Tomorrow, my weight might be 200.2, or even 200.6, but that's fine -- I really consider today to be my first day under 200 pounds for real and, ideally, for good. My weight loss has been pretty gradual, so even if a big dinner with a friend tonight means I may not be under 200 pounds tomorrow or the next day, I think my average will now stay below that line.

That's even after eating more than I intended to of yesterday's Chinese take-out lunch from Ling Ling Garden. Once in a while I get a couple of their lunch combos, and try to spread them out over extra meals, but yesterday I ate the egg roll and an entire one of the entrees with fried rice! (I'd made grits and fried eggs for breakfast, so it's not as though I was starving after a tiny breakfast.) Eating half of the hot & sour soup, and half of the sesame chicken, for dinner probably helped, though I was hungry late in the evening, and ate a couple of handfuls of nuts.

My doctor calls dogs "nature's exercise equipment," and walking a dog (or two or three) regularly is a big part of my daily exercise routine. (OK, it's virtually all of it.) Adding Carter to the family means I've definitely got that exercise on the schedule for at least the next decade. :-)
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