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Fun time at Beth and David's wedding today, which was farther out on Long Island than I've probably ever been. I allowed over three hours to get there, and it really took only a hair over an hour and a half. So, I sat at the McDonald's up on the main road drinking coffee and reading Fool on the Hill to kill an hour.

David's family's "weekend house" is stunning; it's right on the water on the southern edge of the north fork, with a great view of the Sound and of the south fork. It has a big enough yard to hold a tent big enough for the reception to fit in. There were a relative handful of people I knew well there, and a couple more that I'd met once or twice through Beth. Amy "Griff" Griffith is getting married in less than two weeks; it was nice to see her and meet her fiancé and talk about their honeymoon trip to Paris.

The surreal experience of the day was when a guy walked up to me and asked "Are you Mark Anbinder?" It was Eddie Gilmartin, one of a family of three kids I went to school with. I doubt I've seen Eddie in over 20 years. Ironically, I'd just been talking (with Griff and Scott) about the high school trip to Paris I'd taken with Eddie's sister (among others). Christie is married and just bought a house in New Jersey. I'll have to look her up.

Left Ithaca around 6pm Saturday and returned at 11pm tonight. A bit too much driving for such a short time, but that's OK. It was well worth it. Bonuses were seeing my parents briefly (stayed at their place last night) and visiting Tracy on the way into Dobbs Ferry. She showed me the outfit she's working on for her mom's wedding at the end of the month. Looks great!

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