Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No wonder someone was stinky last night... (201.2)

Last night I noticed a repeated, well, odor issue! I was on the couch with the dogs, and kept smelling it. Well, tonight I think I figured out what happened.

The other day, I ladled several ladles full of liquid pork fat out of the Crock-Pot where the pulled pork was cooking, and put it in a bowl. I left the bowl on the dining room table. Tonight, I noticed the bowl was empty!

So, someone, and I am suspecting Carter, ate a bowl of pork fat. I'm actually a little jealous! It was a layer on top of that nice, clean, white pork fat that had solidified (and that would probably make great baking lard) and below that, a darker gel that was, more or less, pork consommé! Bet it was delicious.

This would also explain Carter's extra-large poop this morning.

The dogs are spending the day in the crate, but there are definitely stretches of time overnight when I'm asleep, or even just when I'm in the bathroom in the morning, that they are entirely unattended with the run of the house. Mostly, I'm not worried about them getting into too much trouble when they know I'm here! But a bowl of pork fat must've been tough to resist.

Silly doggie!
Tags: carter

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