Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Usually, my ass opens doors for me (203.0)

On my way to a meeting just now, in a conference room in one of our residential buildings, I did what I always do approaching that door -- I backed up to the sensor that reads the chip in nearby ID cards so it would unlock. But it didn't.

Mind you, I had just finished describing to the colleague I was walking to the meeting with how my wallet was at home, and not in my pocket. The ID card, of course, is in my wallet, at home.

I felt pretty dumb. But I also felt silly having left my wallet at home to begin with. I took it out of my pocket this morning just before I left home, to take out the Dunkin' Donuts $5 card I'd gotten for giving blood last month and try adding the card's value to the DD Perks app on my phone. I wasn't successful, but I took the card with me to Dunkin' Donuts on the way to work, and simply used it.

I noticed as I got out of my car at work that the wallet wasn't in my pocket, and IMed a friend I knew was going to be near my house, and has a key, to ask her to take a look. Sure enough, the wallet was exactly where I guessed, on top of the plastic drawer organizer thingy next to Carter's crate. I'm relieved; I'd also been picturing the wallet sitting in a puddle of slush in front of the Dunkin' Donuts.

Luckily, I habitually put bill change in my pocket after I buy something, instead of back in my wallet, so I had $20 in smaller bills in that pocket, and could buy lunch! I had to run over to the mall at lunchtime, so I bought a tuna melt at Unwind Cafe, which was giving me a gift certificate for a contest. But of course I couldn't do any of the other things I planned to do at the mall today. Sorry, dblaser_ca!

I'm also picking up gift certificates at Agava, and have just enough money left in my pocket to buy a margarita. :-)

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