Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Early to bed

Local heating company is coming tomorrow morning before work to do some serving and cleaning on the furnace. I felt pretty clever finding the reset switch a few months ago that let me get it back up and running when it would randomly stop, but the last few days it has needed resetting several times. We may only have a few days left this season of weather cold enough that I need heat, but I shouldn't put off getting it fixed any longer!

My bet is it mostly just needs to be cleaned. I've had very little servicing done on the thing since I bought the house, so it probably deserves to be cranky.

Needless to say, having a pair of pit bulls also helps me worry less about cold weather! They make very good bed-warmers. In fact, I had three last night, since Gloria spent the night here so her person could get a good night's sleep before her first day at a new job. They all want to be on the bed, and three pit bulls and me in one bed -- even a queen bed -- is a neat trick.

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