Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Could this be my first plane trip in three years? (202.8)

Tomorrow, I'm driving up to Toronto for a Cornell Sesquicentennial event, and coming back Friday after having lunch with dblaser_ca and Deb. My father actually seemed surprised when he first heard about the trip that I wasn't flying, since they've flown when they've visited Canada. I think.

I can't imagine how I'd fly to Toronto. There might be a short-hop flight from Syracuse or Rochester, but it's a really short hop. It's only a slightly longer drive than when I visit my parents in Dobbs Ferry, though, a little over four hours instead of a little under.

But I am flying when I go to Italy. Flying out of Ithaca, in fact, which is also surprising to some, my father included. No, I am not driving five hours to JFK and paying ludicrous parking rates to fly to Italy. :-) The airfare isn't even more expensive. So there.

I think it's actually going to be my first time flying since 2012, though. I flew twice that year, to California in April for the travel-blogger get-together (and to see helianthas and others), and to Georgia for Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend. Free ticket on Delta to California thanks to the voucher I got the previous spring letting them bump me from a flight. Don't recall if I got a free ticket on miles or a cheap one to Atlanta. Am I missing any flights since then? I don't think so.

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