Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Toronto (202.8)

I was musing aloud the other day that I couldn't imagine how I'd fly to Toronto even if I wanted to. Well, one of the guest speakers at last night's Cornell Sesquicentennial event mentioned in her talk that she'd flown from Ithaca!

So, I just looked it up. You can indeed fly from Ithaca to Philadelphia to Toronto on US Airways, or Ithaca to Newark to Toronto on United. The absolute shortest of those is three hours and 15 minutes from take-off in Ithaca to arrival in Toronto, and that assumes everything's running smoothly and you don't get stuck in Philadelphia. My drive yesterday was five hours door-to-door, and probably cost $50 between gas and tolls, compared to $900 or so, at minimum, for those flights.

There is a direct flight from Syracuse to Toronto, so I suppose it's plausible to drive to Syracuse (a little over an hour) to fly up, but those Air Canada airfares all appear to be well north of $1,000.

I should have offered her a ride. :-)

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