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What's with all the activity, and why are you putting clothes in that bag? (205.2) - Mark's Journal
What's with all the activity, and why are you putting clothes in that bag? (205.2)
I think the dogs were a little weirded out by all of my running around yesterday. Laundry, errands, packing... and I think I got everything done and have everything with me that I need! Guess we'll find out.

I'm definitely out of practice at this. I remembered to take off my shoes and jacket, take the laptop and iPad out of the bag and put them in a bin, and headed to the metal detector with my cell phone still clipped to my belt. Oops! It's really weird to think that the last time I flew is nearly three years ago, Labor Day weekend 2012.

The offer to volunteer to give up my seat on this oversold ITH-PHL flight for a $425 travel voucher was tempting, but I just don't have enough flexibility in my schedule, despite the long layover in Philadelphia. Full flights today all around, it looks like.

I actually could arrive much later Monday in Venice without missing much, but still no. Have done very well giving up my seat on return trips in the past. Nice hotel rooms, nice drinks and meals courtesy of the airline, and nice first class upgrades a couple of times. AND hundreds of dollars towards future travel.

That's how I got to hang out with the Upgrd crew three years ago this month (!) while unemployed. Used a Delta voucher right before it expired from volunteering on the way back from the Frozen Four the previous April.
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