Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Non fa niente

Written on the plane last night...

The personal seatback screen on my flight to Venice just rebooted, along with a bunch of the rest of the screens I can see from my seat. In the middle of "Birdman." Not my seatmate's screen, though!

Before we left the gate, I had tried tapping the screen to see what it did, and when my seatmate who'd started off with halting English did the same, I said "Non fa niente," Italian for "It doesn't do anything." That's when I found out she's actually Slovenian, and not Italian, from a small city not far from Italy, I gather. We managed a little bit of conversation, some in Italian and some in English.

After a few error messages and multiple reboots, the Linux seatback display finally finished rebooting, and I was able to start "Birdman" over and fast-forward back to where I'd left off. Excellent movie!

Also, getting up and going to the bathroom with the airline earphones plugged into the armrest is a bad idea. When I sat back down, I sheared them off at the tip! Oh well. I had an old pair of airline-provided earphones in my laptop bag, and plugged those in to finish the movie.

The plane has USB ports in every armrest, ostensibly for charging phones, etc., but they made an announcement early in the flight that there was work being done on that system, so the ports weren't powered. Weird. I guess we have to trust that the condition of the various "non-essential systems" doesn't reflect the preparedness of the rest of the aircraft. :-)

It's a little after 10pm, a little after 4am Venice time, and we're arriving at about 9am, so I should probably try to sleep for a few hours.
Tags: italy
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