Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Think globally, shop locally (209.2)

I much prefer supporting local businesses whenever possible, but when I buy Science Diet pet food, which is pretty expensive, I've been finding that the best deals aren't available in town. I'd spend a little more, but the locally owned store, Agway True Value, that carries Science Diet, briefly expressed interest in advertising in 14850 Magazine then decided not to. They're spending their promotional dollars on out-of-town bulk-mailing services, which makes giving them my local shopping dollars less attractive.

Mostly, I've been buying my Science Diet from Amazon. The price is good, and with the 5% Shop & Save subscription discount, it's even better. Add that to my Amazon Prime free two-day shipping -- for a 38.5 pound bag of dog food, no less -- and it's an irresistible deal! Heavy bag of dog food, right to my door? Yes please!

Amazon screwed up the subscription shipment that should've arrived last week, though, and we're rapidly running out of food! Luckily, before I ordered a last-minute shipment from Amazon, I remembered seeing a PetSmart "friends & family sale" e-mail. That 15%-off offer expires today, so I couldn't use it in the store at this hour, but I could order online. $16 and change for shipping -- but free in-store pickup! So instead of $45ish at the local store, or $40ish last-minute from Amazon, or $38ish with the subscription discount, I'm getting it from PetSmart for $34! I just have to pick it up at the store in the next couple of days. Works for me.

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