Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

New guy (210.2)

Three years and a couple of weeks ago, I was the new guy at my office. In fact, in our group of five, with one coworker who left several months ago, I've been the new guy that whole time. Until today. We've had student staff come and go each year, and of course there are countless newcomers in the division, but our little group is (perhaps unusually) pretty stable.

The process took way longer than it was supposed to, but we finally hired a replacement for the colleague who left last fall, and he started today. I arrived when one of the IT guys was giving him an overview of how to use Outlook and our network file server. (My boss later asked me to show him how to set up his computer to print to our office printer, though as a Mac guy, I am probably not the best choice to help him print from Windows.)

Later on, I showed him a little bit of the layout of the building, pointing out where the nearby campus eateries are, etc. I explained how to figure out what his desk phone number was in case someone wanted to call him.

It didn't take long for me to realize that when I started my job three years ago -- heck, when I started my first non-student full-time Cornell job 15 years ago -- I already had a pretty good idea of how Cornell worked. I already knew the campus, I knew the e-mail systems inside out, pretty much knew the org structure. I've been the new guy in a division or a workgroup a few times, but I was never coming in with zero institutional knowledge. At least, not since I was a freshman. Heck, maybe not even then, considering I've been visiting Ithaca with my (Cornell alum) parents since I was about six.

Anyway, the new guy's pretty cool. I think he'll do fine. And I'll do my best to remember he's starting from scratch.

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