Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Nice to have our building back! (206.8)

I guess I never posted about how our building was under heavy construction for most of the summer, with a team that was digging up huge trenches to fix a lingering plumbing problem. I think there was asbestos removal going on, too, but that may have only been early in the process. Half of the first floor (our floor) was blocked off, and there were huge trucks outside the building every day with massive hoses doing something I didn't much want to think about. Lots of noise, too, but the boss's office was in a worse location for that.

Among other things, it meant the men's room down the hallway past the laundry room was behind a wall and door that hadn't existed before, inaccessible to us. We also couldn't mostly walk through the building on the way to a parking lot on rainy days, but luckily there weren't too many of those.

The men's room being unavailable left us with two choices: walk most of the way toward it, go upstairs, then walk back past where our office is but on the next floor, to a men's room up there, OR use the unisex restroom that's just past the Dining office, IF the "female" flag isn't set. There's a system of flags on the door, with "male," "female," "neither," and "both." I recall being amused my first summer here, when the men's room was also unavailable for weeks, when I was in there and a female student staffer changed the flag and came in, too. Not a big deal as far as I was concerned, but I can imagine some wouldn't be amused.

Anyway, on Monday I noticed there was no truck, and soon realized the hallway was unblocked! Yay! The hallway looks like it's badly in need of some quality time with one of the big floor polishers they use on it periodically. The men's room has a large swath of its tile floor that's been replaced with concrete. Weird. I hope they're going to at least put a finish coat on it or something, because it feels strange to walk on compared to the tile. I'm sure I'll get over it.

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