Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Failing to keep up (210.2)

It just occurred to me that one of the reasons I'm doing a lousy job keeping up is that I no longer have iJournal notifying me with its tiny pencil icon in the Mac menu bar when there are new unread posts on my Friends Page to read. I certainly didn't always go read instantly whenever the pencil appeared, but it was a fairly constant reminder that I should get over to catch up once in a while. Just one of many things I miss from the days when iJournal still worked.

I'm reading a bit tonight, and will try to catch up as best I can. The weekend off camping in the Poconos with the dogs (and the usual crew of camping friends) meant I have lots to catch up on elsewhere, too, and with students arriving on campus at the end of this week, I won't have much spare time. Oh, and my parents are in town! They're in Ithaca for a couple of days "on the way home" from a weekend in Cooperstown, so we're having several great meals. I will not be losing weight this week.

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