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Forgot to bring my leftover Thai food for lunch. I ordered Thai at Denise's suggestion for dinner last night; thought with her headaches she'd be happy at the offer for a zero-effort dinner (I offered to cook or order Chinese or pizza or something...). Taste of Thai Express (a new branch of the restaurant on the Commons; this one delivers) got the food to us faster than promised (under a half hour instead of 40-45 minutes), and it was delicious as I knew it would be.

One of the items was the Masaman Curry that I've had with Bog and Aj and others several times. I think it's passed Thai Cuisine's ped long song as my favourite Thai dish. The other, Denise's pick, was cashew chicken. This tasted like marinated, mesquite grilled chicken, with strips of onion and green pepper. It really didn't taste like Thai food, but it was really good.

You know, I've been typing the HTML codes for italics manually all the time I've been using this iJournal software... and I just looked out of curiosity, and sure enough, there's a standard cmd-shift-i keystroke to make text italic.

A bit groggy this morning, despite some extra-strong coffee. I did a lot of thinking last night. Thanks to badgerbadger for helping me process some of it before I hopped in bed! Also got to see some Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for the first time. What fun! I should let them loose on my home and wardrobe.

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