Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ray (211.0)

I finished the 2014 season of "Ray Donovan" with a couple of episodes last night, and have now watched the first three (oops!) episodes of the 2015 season tonight, while the dogs take turns chewing on an elk hoof and hanging out on the couch next to me or on my lap.

"Ray Donovan" really is this decade's "The Sopranos." Not only is it the epic pay-TV saga, it's the violent, sex-filled, family-business, organized-crime saga. It's almost as if Showtime looked around and said "Bring me a crime series with a violent-killer family-business leader, his frustrated wife, their bratty kids, a crotchety patriarch, oh, and some sex. But make it Irish instead of Italian."

It's also great. The third season has taken them off in a completely new direction, with an interwoven storyline but just enough episodic dramatic separation that you never feel as though you're watching a 14-hour movie.

Katie Holmes is an intriguing addition for the third season, as a recurring character, the adult daughter of a guy who hires Ray to solve a problem in the first episode, then keeps coming back up. Can't wait to see where that goes.

That elk hoof? It's a special treat for the dogs because today marks two years since I brought Penny home! She's such a sweet little girl, and she and Carter are best buds.
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