Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Air conditioning for the end of summer (208.2)

I don't have central air conditioning. My heat is forced-air, and the old Carrier furnace is capable of having an AC compressor added, but most of the time it's not hot enough, for long enough, to worry about. But a couple of weeks straight in the 80s or low 90s, with nighttime temperatures not getting below about 70 the last several days, mean it's gotten pretty uncomfortable.

I put the window air conditioner in the living room earlier in the summer, but have hardly used it. I really can't afford to. The last couple of days, though, I've used it for several hours, partly because it's gotten so uncomfortable for me, and partly because it has to be rough for the dogs, too! They don't have the workday respite of the office AC that I have.

One more day tomorrow that's likely to get above 90, and then Thursday is supposed to be about 70! Perfect! But another warm night tonight, so I actually dragged the rolling air conditioner out of the closet to put in the bedroom tonight to cool the room down. It's one of those weird floor units with a hose that you need for horizontally-opening windows, which is what I've got. Lucky me!

I may be able to run the attic fan in the morning for a bit to further cool the house down for tomorrow, but for tonight I just want to be more comfortable.

The heating guy who came to serve the furnace in the spring said it was really going to need to be replaced. I guess when I do that, I will try to install a compressor at the same time. I still probably won't run the AC constantly to keep the house cool, but it'll be nice to have, and as my parents pointed out when they visited last month, it'll improve the resale value of the house.

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