Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Responsiveness (210.6)

Yesterday I tried heating up the frozen lasagna that's been sitting in my office freezer for months, and it smelled wrong. My guess is it defrosted at some point. Tossed it. The heat made leaving the air-conditioned office less tempting, so it seemed like as good an occasion as any to try one of the new, fancier, higher-priced vending machine sandwiches I'd noticed a week or so ago.

We have a new vending machine vendor across campus, with "fresher, healthier" food available, and one of the changes is that our refrigerated "fresh food" carousel machine, which had microwavable breakfast sandwiches and reasonably priced stuff at the end of the summer, suddenly had $4 sandwiches on white and wheat replacing the $2.65-ish ones, and $6-8 subs replacing the $4ish ones. Admittedly, the food looked "better," i.e. higher quality, but sometimes you just want a cheap vending machine sandwich.

I steeled myself to buy one of the pricey-looking sandwiches, but the machine was flashing a "temporary out of service" message. (Yes, "temporary." Some things don't get upgraded with the fancy new gear.) So, I sent an e-mail to the vending folks to ask them to have someone service the machine, and to ask them to encourage the vending company to put back some of the more reasonably priced items.

Today, I noticed on the way back from the men's room mid-morning that the machine wasn't still flashing its plaintive error message, and decided to take a closer look. Woo! $2.75 microwavable breakfast sandwiches, and $3 microwavable burgers and chicken sandwiches!

No one had answered my e-mail, but I guess they asked the vendor to take a look. My bet is the pricier sandwiches weren't selling, so it was easy for them to decide to put something more reasonable in. I think the market for this machine is mostly me -- and the north campus facilities staff whose break room is down the hall. In other words, underpaid people who aren't looking to a vending machine for a $6-8 lunch. Those are easy enough to find elsewhere.

So, I nuked a breaded chicken patty (a pretty healthy-sized one) and put the bun in the toaster oven to crisp up. Pretty good $3 sandwich! With the money I saved on lunch, I was able to afford a beer at the beer tasting after work, and not just the free samples.

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