Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Didn't pick 9/11 on purpose... (208.0)

Someone convinced Molly recently that she should give the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot that began 11 years ago (!) a try, so I dug out my DVD of the miniseries that kicked it off. Powerful, powerful stuff -- and watching it on Friday evening made it even more so. Not surprising, but it hadn't occurred to me.

She came back yesterday to watch "33" and then the Bills game, and we ended up watching the first four episodes of the first season. It holds up really well, and this first season is really intense.

Also watched "In the Line of Fire" after randomly discovering it in the Amazon Instant Video app on my iPad (and then discovering to my delight that I could fire up the Amazon Instant Video app on my TiVo and it knew where I'd left off) and several episodes of "House of Cards" season 2. For some reason, Netflix lost track of where I was on that, so I was actually re-watching a lot. I think I'm just about caught up, and can finish season 2 and go on to season 3 one of these days.

Didn't watch much of the football after all, but that's OK. Sounds like the Cowboys-Giants game was especially annoying, especially if you're a Giants fan. (I'm not. I don't actively root for any New Jersey teams.) Bills are off to a good start, but they have a talent for ruining that.

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