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Reruns (209.2) - Mark's Journal
Reruns (209.2)
Trying to figure out whose dog this is based on the date had me browsing old LiveJournal posts for a while. (It's way easier to go see what I said on LiveJournal on November 23, 2012 than on Facebook.) Some fun memories in late 2012 and early 2013! Some less fun, too, but that's OK.

I'm also on the couch with the pups curled up next to me, Carter snoring off and on. I'm watching "NCIS: Los Angels" episodes from last spring, finally. I missed most of last season because their Monday night airings conflicted with two other shows, and my TiVo can only record two things at once. It picked up recording towards the end of the season when one of the conflicts stopped, so I'm watching the last few episodes of last season and will then watch this season. Eight episodes to go after this one. Probably won't get through them all tonight. Could also just delete all these and pick up with the latest episode, but there might be some good stuff in here!
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