Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Imperfect Pups (206.0)

My two stinkers ate half of my Papa John's Epic Meatz™ pizza the other night! One of them pulled the box off the top of Carter's crate, where I had set it when I got home.

Put the pizza down, ate a slice, took them for a walk, fed them, ate another slice, went down the hall to go to the bathroom, and came back to find the box on its end on the floor, with three slices left in the box and a sprinkling of toppings on the carpet nearby.

Of course, it's my fault... and I don't mean just because I left the box in reach.

With the first slice, I gave them each a little piece of crust like always. With the SECOND slice, I accidentally ate the crust, and I saw Carter looking at me like "That's OUR part. WTF, dude?"

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or yell at them, so I did both. 😊 Then I told them to clean up the mess on the carpet, ate another slice, and put the last two in the refrigerator for another meal.
Tags: carter, penny

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