Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


I love the conversation between Merry and Pip in "The Fellowship of the Ring" about the vital meals between breakfast and lunch. Second breakfast and elevenses are important to hobbits!

But apparently they're also important to Spaniards. Last night's couchsurfers are from southern Spain, and Jose commented that most Spaniards eat a small breakfast -- a little bread, fruit, maybe cheese -- certainly not huge piles of eggs and potatoes and meat. (This came up while we were eating Ziffy omelets at the Lincoln Street Diner, of course.)

I usually have a small breakfast, too, but apparently Spaniards tend to have a small sandwich or other snack later in the morning, before their big meal of the day early in the afternoon.

I have a feeling I would gain weight quickly if I started eating a snack between breakfast and lunch regularly.

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